Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

Basic solutions start at 40 for a one page 'online business card' with subsequent hosting costs of 4/month. Multi-page sites cost from 200 with subsequent hosting and management costs from 10/month.

How long will it take?

We aim for a 1-week turnaround for a basic business card.

More complex solutions may take a few months, but we are happy to implement a simple online business card whilst we work on your total solution. The cost of the business card development is subsequently deducted from your final invoice.

How much knowledge do I need?

We take care of everything. All we ask for is your expertise in your field of business to guide us with the web site detail.

What about search engines?

We can submit your web site to search engines on your behalf. The key issue with search engines is patience - Google, for example, appears to penalise new sites for the first 6-8 months following registration and there appears to be no way around this. Likewise, engines like Yahoo and AskJeeves charge a fee for registration, but with patience, your site will be found and included for free.
The most expensive search engine is Yahoo which currently (Sept 2004) charges 200 as a one-off fee for a UK listing.
Other sites tend to charge around 30-50 for UK listings.
Once we know your requirements and client-base, we can provide you with recommendation as to which search engines to target and alternative means of listing (for example, by including yourself in e-directories which are subscribed)

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the process of putting your website onto a computer which is connected to the Worldwide Web (internet). Larger companies can buy their own machines, whilst smaller companies tend to buy 'space' on shared machines. Future Web Solutions use machines which are located in the UK.

What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the total amount of information that a site transmits/receives across the internet during a month. So, if your site is costed to include a bandwidth of 200Mb, it means that over the course of 1 month, if 1000 people access the site, they could each look at up to 200Kb of information. Generally, this is used by browsing pictures and downloading documents. A typical small image is about 5-10Kb, whilst bigger images require 20-50k depending on their size and level of resolution (how grainy they are) So, with a bandwidth of 200Mb, the 1000 users could, on average, look at 20 small images. As part of our ongoing site management, Future Web Solutions monitor bandwidth usgae and will notify you should you be approaching your limit. If you regularly exceed your limit, your monthly fee may have to be increased.